What to Consider When Transporting Your Sports Car

Having are sports car is more than a passion, it is an obsession! There are those who enjoy the thrill of driving a sports car to the limit, what they were designed for and testing its abilities. Then there are those who like to be surrounded by these incredible machines, on a race track, as an enthusiast, a collector, car dealer or auctioneer. Whatever it may be, sports cars require some extra care when it comes to transporting and here are some things to consider when moving you sports car to you next race, meet or club event.

Get at least 3 different prices when transporting cars interstate

For anyone who owns a sports car, they’ll understand that it does get expensive, everything from genuine parts to maintenance and insurance costs seem to be inflated compared to the daily drive. It is no different when it comes to car transport but that doesn’t mean you should pay what the first business is offering. Comparison websites are one of the best ways to compare interstate car transport to save some hard earned cash when moving your sports car over long distances. By comparing at least three different quotes, it will give your the opportunity to find a transporter that may offer better services at a cheaper rate.

Look for a car transport company that has an enclosed car carrier

Car carriers have the ability to move your car in an open car carrier or and enclosed car carrier, always opt for an enclosed car carrier when transporting a sports car, especially on interstate routes. The distance between locations are long and to even think about moving your polished sports car on an open car carrier is enough to make any passionate motoring enthusiast weep. Harsh road conditions along with flying debris that can have the potential to cause damage is not something you would want your beloved sports car to go through.

Speak to your car insurance provider before moving your car

One of the best ways to protect your vehicle while it is being transported is to speak with your car insurance provider and discuss your policy. Ensure they understand that the car will be transported by a third party car transport provider and find out whether your premium adequately covers the car during transit if anything was to happen. Getting coverage is most important to prevent any damage that may occur during the interstate transportation process, some car carriers may lead you to believe that they provide adequate insurance for any damage however it may possibly only cover certain aspects and not everything so do your research.

British & Classic Car Specialists

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