Reconditioning Service’s:

All engines are reconditioned in house. Our all around prepared machine shop can deal with all chamber head reconditioning which is additionally done in house.

Pieces are exhausted and machined on premises. Having our own machine shop spare’s sending work out which spare’s chance and enables us to guarantee the most astounding standard of workmanship.

Our forte are fully customisable race engines

Boss repairman Richard Caller has numerous years encounter reconstructing classic car gearbox’s. He likewise embraces remaking overdrive’s.

With over 40 yrs in the exchange Richard’s capacity to tune and administration SU carbie’s is second to none. Weber carbie’s are likewise tuned in house.

Our group of exceedingly talented and experienced tradesman can deal with all features of work from a minor support of a full mechanical remake.

Do we represent considerable authority in English works of art as well as provide food for current autos.